How to grow your church or ministry through the biggest crisis in history.

What You Can Expect

  • How to not lose your attendance, and grow your church despite this pandemic?

  • Exact keys to breaking growth barriers of 100, 200, 500, and more.

  • How to make your church financially prosperous and increase the giving?

  • The hidden secrets in financials budgeting for your church & ministry.

  • The number 1 secret to a growing church which is not prayer, or anointing, or preaching – but something practical which 95% of churches don’t know or do!

  • Dealing with the Nr 1 church Killer – Wrong Staffing!

  • How to take your church online effectively, immediately. Including a step by step guide from software, to every solution needed, for both small and large churches.

  • The importance of building a strong relationship between the senior pastor and worship team.

  • How to develop a worship team that flows in both the supernatural & anointing and is professional?

  • The importance of a healthy relationship between a youth pastor and the senior pastor.

  • How to build and grow a youth that is discipled, on fire and effective which doesn’t cause a church split.

  • How youth can become your biggest growth factor for your church.

International Ministers & Leaders Conference


After seeing the disastrous effect the pandemic had on the church, I began to receive hundreds of requests from pastors and ministers for help. The Lord clearly spoke to me about refreshing ministers and giving them the resources and keys that made our ministry prosper – even during a pandemic.

This is why we decided to host the Conference free of charge, and would like to invite every Minister – from both nationally and internationally – to join us for this full day event, power packed, filled with solutions and help.


Session 1: 12:00 – 13:30 pm

Session 2: 14:00 – 16:30 pm

Session 3: 17:00 – 18:30 pm

Session 4: 19:00 -22:00 pm

* Main speakers will be at all sessions.

We will be sharing strategic keys with you, so that you can be refreshed in this time, and lead a thriving church / ministry despite the biggest crisis the World has seen.

I want to encourage you to enroll today.

This will be broadcasted from our International Broadcasting Centre via a private Facebook group as well as via ZOOM, at absolutely no cost

You can expect our main speakers at each session which is Vladimir Savchuk, Leon du Preez & Deon Hockey.

Come and receive from these grace gifts whom God is using to change nations and preparing the new wine skin for the next move of God.

I know you and your ministry will receive fresh revelation, renewed vision and explosion in effectiveness!

Reserve your spot today.

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Leon du Preez

Leon du Preez, as Founder and President of Encounter Churches & Encounter Global Network, carries a mantle and role of a Prophet within the body of Christ.

He has successfully planted Encounter Churches, with record growth and attendance. Leon’s ministry and Encounter Church is followed by notable signs, wonders and miracles and especially prophecy. He has been recognized as a divine gift and endorsed by Senior Ministers, and Prophets of Prophets. His God-given mandate is reaching millions across the globe, through TV, conferences and church planting as he imparts a prophetic mantle to ministers and leaders for a fresh vision in their ministries.

Vladimir Savchuk

Vladimir Savchuk, Founder of Hungry Gen Movement, is Pastoring a multi-cultural church. He operates with a clear-cut, focused vision to see the salvation of souls, healing, deliverance, and the raising up of young leaders. 

As an international keynote conference speaker in great demand, his annual “Raised To Deliver” Conferences attract thousands of international visitors from across the globe. Pastor Vlad pioneers a dynamic deliverance ministry, impacting countless people to be raised in full-time ministry. The gift and anointing of deliverance in his life is unparalleled!

Deon Hockey

Deon Hockey, the Founder of Healing Ministries International, a ministry with a heart for the lost. Is an international traveling minister who has traveled to 42 countries and ministered to nations. he is also widely known for bapitising over a million people in the Holy Spirit. 

He carries the mantle of healing, deliverance, and revival. Recognized by multiple Christian Organizations, Churches, and Pastors around the world. Having received impartation from world-renowned generals of the faith. He imparts this mantle of soul winning, healing and revival wherever he travels.

Allan Van Niekerk

Allan van Niekerk is a renowned Singer and Songwriter in the Body of Christ, and Worship Pastor of Encounter Church. Having led worship across South Africa for the past 14 years, Allan and Encounter Worship has released 3 singles, which have reached # 1 on the iTunes Christian Charts, and # 1 on the overall charts in South Africa.

Allan’s passion has always been to work with Worship Leaders, empowering and equipping them to operate in both professionalism and an anointing. He has recently been added to the Worship Leaders Master Class, together with some of the most influential worship leaders in the World.


More resources coming soon!